My 2018 goals

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are already in another year! It has become a bit of a tradition for me to write a blog post on my goals for the upcoming year so I naturally had to write one for this year. I admit that I am not that great at actually tracking my goals but I do like to set myself some regardless. I thought that this year I would break them up into personal and blogging goals as there is quite a lot I want to achieve and thought they would be easier to achieve if I categorised them.

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My June blogging goals

Hi everyone! So another month, another set of blogging goals. The thing about doing these posts each month is that I contemplate whether I want to keep doing them. I do like doing these posts because it’s kind of my way of holding myself accountable to what it is I want to achieve for that month. It also helps me achieve my overall goals by breaking them up into smaller monthly goals. However, it can get slightly tedious and become slightly repetitive after a while. That being said, I’m sticking with it for now and just see how it goes.  Continue reading “My June blogging goals”

My April blogging goals

Hi everyone! So today I am starting something new that was inspired by Bre over at Too Cute For Life. I am going to start setting myself monthly blogging goals. I really want to up my engagement and I feel like if I have something to hold myself accountable to I might actually get better at it. Each month I will reflect on what I have achieved the previous month and then set goals for that month. Continue reading “My April blogging goals”