My blogging journey

Hi everyone! So I know I have written a million and one posts similar to this one, explaining the reasons I started blogging, why I created this particular blog, what direction my blog will go in etc etc. However, this is more of a reflection post of where I started and where I am now. I was recently watching a tag video created by Zoe Sugg known as the YouTube show and tell tag. Continue reading “My blogging journey”

My blogging fuck budget

Hi everyone! So today’s post is inspired by Abbey Louisa Rose as she recently wrote a post about her own blogging fuck budget. She based it on the concept of a fuck budget from Sarah Knight’s book The life changing magic of not giving a fuck. I have been wanting to read this book for ages but haven’t got round to it yet. I wanted to read the book before writing and sharing my personal fuck budget but I thought it would be fun to do a blogging one!

Continue reading “My blogging fuck budget”

My August favourites

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are already at the end of August and going into September!! Where is the year going?? So I wasn’t going to write this post originally because I was going to give up these posts. However, I thought I would reinvent it and share my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos from the month. I was going to write a post about my favourite bloggers and vloggers but I thought this would a more fun way to do it. Continue reading “My August favourites”

Being my own queen

Hi everyone! So today’s post is a bit different, it would have been my blogging goals post but I felt the need to write this post and just put my feelings out there (and I am determined to get this post published, I’ve been working on it for about a week). I’ve been thinking a lot about being a ‘blogger’ recently. I know I’m always complaining about being a blogger and the blogging community but there are just things that need to be said. I’m not sure if I want to identify as a ‘blogger’. I would rather just be a girl who blogs. Continue reading “Being my own queen”

My June blogging goals

Hi everyone! So another month, another set of blogging goals. The thing about doing these posts each month is that I contemplate whether I want to keep doing them. I do like doing these posts because it’s kind of my way of holding myself accountable to what it is I want to achieve for that month. It also helps me achieve my overall goals by breaking them up into smaller monthly goals. However, it can get slightly tedious and become slightly repetitive after a while. That being said, I’m sticking with it for now and just see how it goes.  Continue reading “My June blogging goals”

My April blogging goals

Hi everyone! So today I am starting something new that was inspired by Bre over at Too Cute For Life. I am going to start setting myself monthly blogging goals. I really want to up my engagement and I feel like if I have something to hold myself accountable to I might actually get better at it. Each month I will reflect on what I have achieved the previous month and then set goals for that month. Continue reading “My April blogging goals”