Hi everyone! So it occurred to me that I have been writing on this blog for over two years now! I started this blog back in December 2016 so in December 2018 my blog turned 2! So up to now this blog has been live for 2 years and four-ish months. It seems quite strange thinking about it like that. I thought I would write this post as I just wanted to reflect on my blogging journey.

When I very first started out blogging in 2015 (4 years ago!) I was trying so hard to be like every other blogger out there because I thought I had to. I thought that to be classed as a ‘blogger’ you had to be doing what everyone else was doing and writing for your audience rather than for yourself. I would put pressure on myself to blog two-three times a week and when I wasn’t managing this I considered it to be a failure. I felt like I had to be so passionate about blogging that I had to be aiming to go full time one day, that I had to treat it as a business, that I had to be working with brands. Even when I started this blog I had this mind set for quite some time.

However, over time I learnt that wasn’t the case. I could keep my blog as a hobby. I didn’t need to take it full time and be working with brands. It’s great that others do but that’s just not me. I feel like over the past year or so my blog has started coming into its own. I have been honing my craft in a way. The main reason I started a blog is because I always loved reading and sharing my thoughts about books I have read. However, I started to lose that to the pressures I was feeling to be like everyone else. Over the last year though around 95% of my content is book reviews and I love it. I honestly don’t care if people aren’t reading them, I just enjoy writing reviews and having an outlet to share my thoughts as I don’t have a lot of bookish friends I can discuss books with.

So, the takeaway message is that I am happy just existing in my own little corner of the internet and if people want to visit then that’s great but I am more than happy just to keep doing what I am doing.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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