Fated by Teri Terry

I’m just one girl. What can I do?

Sam’s cosy life as daughter of the Deputy Prime Minister is about to end. These are turbulent times. Borders have closed and protests are turning violent. The government blames the country’s youth, and is cracking down hard. Mobile phones are blocked, gatherings are banned and dissent is brutally crushed.

Sam is torn between family loyalty and doing what is right. when she meets Ava and Lucas her mind is made up.

One girl, one choice. She can make a difference: she must. Even if her life – and her heart – are on the line …”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

I only just read the slated trilogy recently and loved it so when I heard that Fated, which is a prequel to the slated trilogy, I was really excited. However, I have to say that it fell a bit flat for me. I mean it was a decent read but I just don’t think it was to the same standard as the slated trilogy. I found it a bit slow going for a good portion of the book and then everything happened at the end and made me wanting more that I know I won’t get. I kind of wanted the main events to occur earlier on in the book and then we could have more about the aftermath of everything that happens to Sam. I don’t feel like we really get enough about Sam to really be able to connect with her. I don’t know if part of the reason I didn’t connect with it was because I read it as an audiobook. Overall, I felt like I was left wanting more but not in a good way.

Have you read fated? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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