Get to know me…The bookish edition

Hi everyone! So today I have decided to share a bit of a get to know me post but I decided to share some bookish facts that you might not know about me! If you aren’t a regular reader then I am a huge book worm and love anything book related and a big part of my blog is book reviews. This is just a way of you getting to know me better through my love of books.


I actually don’t know where reading really started for me, I just feel like it was something that was ingrained in me, but I have a lot of memories from being a child that are associated with books. I always remember going to the local library once a week at primary school. I also remember reading a lot when I was younger, I probably read a lot of obscure books when I was younger as I would just pick up books wherever I could. I would be quite interesting to know if anyone had read books I read as a child. A few books I remember reading include cat among the pigeons, the name of this book is secret and finding violet park.


i have to admit that although I love a good standalone book, I will always go for a series. Actually, a lot of the books I have read have been a sequel, part of a trilogy or part of a series. Sometimes I actually read books without realising they are part of a series. The main reason I love a series is you get to enjoy it for longer and the character’s story is a bit more in depth. Overall, I’ll happily pick up either if it interests me.


I have a few favourite authors so I certainly can’t pick one. Some of my all time favourite authors include Holly Bourne, Sara Barnard, Laura Steven and Carrie Hope Fletcher. I have to admit though that although I have authors I will keep going back to, I choose a lot of the books I want to read based on the description rather than who wrote it.


I used to be adamant that I could not read ebooks and although I still love to read a physical book, I am obsessed with my kindle. I find having a kindle so much more convenient as a lot of the books are cheaper than buying a physical copy and sometimes they can be on offer for 99p. I also find it more comfortable to read on my kindle because it doesn’t require both of my hands to read the book as I’m not trying to keep the book open. It is also convenient when you finish a book and want something new to read as you can get a new book in an instant. I have even gotten into audio books over the last couple of months but I will share more on that in a separate post.


In case it isn’t obvious I absolutely love YA. I know YA is an age group than a genre so my favourite kind of YA to read is often contemporary although I like a bit of fantasy as well. Picking up a contemporary YA book is like a hug from an old friend, it’s familiar and enjoyable. I read a mixture of Young Adult books though as recently I have been into murder mysteries/distopian futures. In honesty I feel like YA gets a bad rep but that’s another conversation for another day.


One of the things I love when reading a book is a book with multiple point of views and this is made even better when it is written by multiple authors. I do love books that have more than one POV that is written by just one author as well. I just love getting to hear different sides of the story.

There you have it! I actually want to share more bookish posts that aren’t just book reviews so if you have anything you would like to read then feel free to share your thoughts. What bookish facts should people know about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

2 thoughts on “Get to know me…The bookish edition

  1. This was such a sweet post! I also remember always going to the library when I was younger. Definitely one of my favorite memories and the reason why I still love reading today.


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