Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book

Hi everyone! So today I am starting another new series that That Artsy Reader Girl runs on her blog in which she assigns a topic for each Tuesday. This weeks topic is things that make me pick up a book so I thought I would share some of these things with you.

  1. Mulitple authors/multiple POVs – Ok so I put these two things together because they can be two of the same although I know that multiple povs can be written by just one author. These things make me pick up a book because I love hearing different voices in a book and being able to see the story from different people’s perspectives particularly ones that are written by multiple authors. Books I love that are by multiple authors/have multiple POVs: Floored, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, I’ll give you the sun, Eve of Man, Small Great Things, What if it’s us.
  2. My go-to authors – So I have a list of of authors who are my go-to’s when I know that they have a new book coming out. My go-to authors: Holly Bourne, Sara Barnard, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Laura Steven.
  3. Hype/recommended – So I am a bit of a sucker for reading books that are really hyped, particularly if they are all over instagram, which sometimes pays off but sometimes it also doesn’t. I’ve started to learn to pick up a book if it looks like something that appeals to me. I also pick up books if I have read reviews written by bloggers that make me want to pick up the book. Books that I have picked up for the hype and loved: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
  4. Covers – Some of the books I tend to pick up have drawn me in by their covers. Some covers are just so beautiful and catch my eye immediately. This makes me take a second look at it and find out more. Books I read because of the cover: The Exact Opposite of Okay, Clean, Ink.
  5. Deals – Okay so I will admit that some books I have read because they have been cheap in the kindle store. Often I either buy books that are 99p because they are books that I have wanted to read but wasn’t sure about them or books that I quite like the sound of and decide to give a go because they are only 99p. Books I have read that were only 99p: The extinction trials, This lie will kill you, Clean.
  6. Adaptations – I have read some books because they were about to be or had been adapted into a film or a tv series that I really wanted to watch but I prefer (with a couple of exceptions) to read the book before seeing the film so often I buy the book before I see the film. Books I have read that have been adapted: Perks of being a wallflower, Harry Potter series, The silver linings playbook, the fault in our stars, 13 reasons why.

So there you have it! What makes you pick up a book? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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