S4S- Your favourite genre

Hi everyone! So I decided to do something new on my blog by taking part in the six for sunday which is hosted by Steph over at a little but a lot. This weeks six for sunday is an ode to my favourite genre. Anyone who knows me or is a follower of my blog will know that my favourite genre is YA. I felt that the best way for my to show my love for YA would be to share six reasons why I love it.

  1. There is so much variety – I love that there is a little something for everyone. Contemporary, fantasy, romance, adventure. I don’t necessarily have a favourite sub-genre as I have read all different YA books. However, I’m quite into distopian future YA at the moment as I have been reading the extinction trials and I am obsessed.
  2. The characters are relate-able – A lot of the characters in YA books the reader can relate to them in some way. Authors who do this particularly well include Holly Bourne, Laura Steven and Sara Bernard.
  3. They deal with real life issues – There are so many YA books that focus on real life issues. I have read books that have dealt with mental health issues, death, drug and alcohol abuse, disabilities. They are all covered so well and this makes the books relate able to those who may have been through these kinds of issues themselves.
  4. There is so much diversity – I have read several books that have LGBT characters and character of colour and I have loved them. The issues surrounding this are also dealt with well in these books.
  5. They are all so unique – I think one of the misconceptions about YA, particularly contemporary is that they’re all the same when in reality they really aren’t. Even though they might touch on similar issues they deal with them in very different ways which makes for such interesting reads. Then there are books that look at issues that have never been considered before, for instance, I read paper avalanche by Lisa Williamson recently and she focused on hoarding which was something I’d never come across in a YA book before.
  6. There are just so many amazing YA authors – I have so many authors I love within the YA genre. These include Holly Bourne, Sara Barnard, Laura Steven, Carrie Hope Fletcher, just to name a few.

There you have it, my ode to YA. I know YA is not everyone’s cup of tea but I really love it and love to share my love whenever I can. What is your favourite genre? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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