Things nobody tells you when you’re planning a wedding

Hi everyone! So as you may have seen, me and my fiance are getting married October next year! I really wanted to start writing some content related to wedding planning and the one thing that came to mind was the things that you don’t often know about wedding planning before you do it yourself or even before you get engaged. So with that in mind, I decided to share some of the things that people don’t often tell you when you’re planning a wedding.

Every man and their dog will want an invite – One thing that happened when me and my fiance announced the date of the wedding was people who we haven’t spoken to in five odd years message to ask where their invite is. We are having a small wedding anyway but even if we weren’t why would we invite people we haven’t spoken to in years? What I don’t think people realise about weddings is that you actually have to pay for them to attend, particularly if you have to pay per head so you have to be realistic when deciding on who is invited anyway if you don’t want to pay a fortune. Plus I don’t wanna invite loads of people that would just use it as an excuse to get drunk.

How organised you need to be – So the thing that you don’t realise or at least I didn’t realise was how much goes into planning a wedding. I don’t know if this is a unique problem to me but I’m finding that there are so many little details like people’s accomadation, travel etc that need sorting. It just seems that nobody tells you about how much there is to think about when planning a wedding.

How hard it can be to find the right venue – Unless you know exactly where you want to get married and have the money to have everything you want, it can be tough finding the right venue. I will go into this in more detail in another post but we found it really tough to find somewhere that suited all of our needs as well as be affordable. It seems that nobody actually talks about the money side of things where weddings are concerned which then gives you dreams of what you want which could actually be unrealistic to what you can afford.

The likelyhood of you actually getting married within two years of getting engaged – So anyone who has been engaged will know that as soon as you get engaged everyone will want to know when you’re getting married, I mean God you’ve been engaged five seconds how do you not know this? (eye roll). However, unless you have already got plans or you have a small and intimate wedding that you want to get done quickly then the likelyhood of you planning a wedding as soon as you get engaged is probably quite small. Me and my fiance have waited three years nearly to start planning and often you need a year or two to fully plan it depending on your venue as a lot of places get booked about two years in advance, that’s the timeline anyway. Also, people forget you actually need money to get married so often you need to save for a while before it can become a reality.

There you have it! is there anything you think is worth knowing when planning a wedding or would want to know? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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