Hi everyone! So if you know me or have been following me online you will know I am engaged to my boyfriend of nearly six years. However, we have finally booked a wedding date! I cannot believe that after nearly three years of being engaged we have finally set a date for next year. We’ve actually had the venue booked nearly four weeks which is crazy as it is so I really wanted to start a bit of a series on the old blog as a way of documenting the journey and sharing my experience of planning a wedding.

It’s such an exciting time and I just wanted to use this post as kind of a what our plans are at the moment, although I’ll probably go into more detail in separate posts about finding a venue and stuff like that. Finding the right venue was definitely a long process which I will go into more detail in another post but we eventually found somewhere we fell in love with and could imagine our day being. We are doing a lot of it ourselves to cut costs but it’s still all so exciting. My mum is making all the flowers, we’ve got loads of decorations, my uncle is doing the photography and my fiance’s sister in law is doing the cake. We’ve also asked all of the necessary people to be bridesmaids, best man, page boys etc. My sister is my chief bridesmaid, my best friend is maid of honour, then I have my cousins and my fiance’s sister in law as bridesmaids. My fiance asked his older brother to be his best man and we are having his nephews as our page boys.

I actually feel really organised to say our wedding is a year and four months away, I even have a couple of dress appointments coming up although I am not in too much of a rush to buy a dress just yet. There are a lot of things though that you don’t realise that you have to take into consideration which again I will talk about in more detail in another blog post. Although it does seem ages away, I know that the time will go really quick and the wedding will be here before we know it. I’ve had a wedding planner and a little chalk board to count down the days since we got engaged so it’s been great to finally get a chance to use them. I think the one thing that people assume when you get engaged that you are already planning the wedding and you’ll be getting married in the next two years and sometimes that is the case but a lot of the time it isn’t the case. We’ll have been engaged over four by the time we get married.

It can be quite a weird thing when you get engaged because not everyone is into marriage and in my case I was only 19 when I got engaged and some of my family thought it was a bit young. However, I personally feel that when you know you’re with the right person you know and that there is never a perfect time to do anything, it’s just about when you feel ready. Also, I’ll be 23 when I get married which isn’t overly young. Also when planning a wedding you can have a lot of disagreements during the process. However, it’ll all come together and be one of the best days of our life.

I can’t wait to share this journey too!

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

5 thoughts on “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED

  1. Awh congratulations! I had no idea! The though of getting married makes me wanna be sick BUT I love the idea of planning one, being as how organised I am! Maybe a career as a wedding planner is on the cards?! Can’t wait to follow your journey, I hope you blog about it loads! xxx


  2. How exciting! I can wait to read more posts about your wedding preparations and journey! I can imagine how stressful yet equally exciting this time would be for you! xx


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