Blogger book nook #8: Murder in the library

Hi everyone! Welcome to another book nook post. One reason I love the blogger book nook is that it takes me out of my reading comfort zone, and this did exactly that. This month’s prompt was murder in the library and I have to admit I did struggle with it. There were quite a few books I could have chosen but I had a hard time choosing, so much so I didn’t think I would be reading a book for this month’s prompt. However, I did eventually settle with What I couldn’t tell you by Faye Bird.

“When love turns to jealousy, when jealousy turns to rage, when rage turns to destruction…

Laura was head over heels in love with Joe. But now Laura lies in a coma and Joe has gone missing. Was he the one who attacked her?, Laura’s sister Tessie is selectively mute. She can’t talk but she can listen. And as people tell her their secrets, she thinks she’s getting close to understanding what happened on that fateful night.”

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So this was an interesting read for me. The thing that drew me in with this book was the fact that the narrator Tessie was a selective mute. I have a thing for crime novels with a bit of a unreliable/unusual narrator. I did feel sorry for Tessie, as she couldn’t speak outside her own home and also the way she was treated by Ella in particular. I will admit though that I could have punched Ella! I hated that she put so much on Tessie as she knew Tessie wouldn’t and couldn’t say anything. I just found her to be really grating as a character. I also found Billy to be a horrible character, especially as he got so angry at Tessie because she couldn’t talk. I mean, seriously! He just didn’t do anything for me. A couple of characters that redeem the story though were Max and Jake. They were really supportive of Tessie and I enjoyed seeing that.

One thing I also felt ruined the story a little for me was that I felt the author maybe gave too much away in the beginning, making the end more predictable than I might have liked. The thing was that something that was mentioned in the first chapter then kind of takes the mystery away from events that occur later in the story and I ended up putting two and two together more or less straight away and I completely guessed the ending correctly which was a little annoying because there were no real twists. I one thing I wished could have happened was that Laura woke up a bit before the end and added a bit of a curve ball. It was readable, granted, I just felt like it could have been better than it was. Also, it was only 99p in the kindle store so I couldn’t really go too wrong.

1) Who is your favourite fictional detective and why?
In honesty because I don’t generally read crime novels I don’t have one. However, I feel like I could possibly like someone like Poirot.
2) Do you enjoy being able to solve the mystery in a book before the characters do, or do you like to be kept guessing until the end?
I actually like a bit of both. I quite like the kind that you feel like you’ve got it but then the author throws you a curve ball and everything you thought you knew has changed. So in a way, I prefer to be kept guessing.

3) Murders, missing people, or heists and thefts: Which do you find most compelling?
I would probably be more compelled by missing people. I do like a murder but only if it’s done well but I much prefer missing people. There are actually a few books currently on my TBR that are about missing people so I am excited to read them.

4) What keeps you most engaged in a crime plot? Intriguing characters? Mysterious settings? Or a whole lot of action?
As I said, something that draws me in to a crime plot is more unusual/unreliable narrators. I like this kind of point of view because they become someone others may not necessarily believe or that they may second guess what they believe and make you second guess what you have been led to believe.
5) Crime is a popular theme for novels, TV shows and videogames: Which is your favourite way of experiencing the genre?
I prefer TV shows. I am obsessed with criminal minds at the moment and in the past I have watched shows like Rizzoli and Isles and Bones. I like things that do have a theme that threads throughout the series but each episode is a different case as opposed to something that focuses on one case throughout the whole series.

Have you read what I couldn’t tell you? Is crime a genre you would be likely to reach for? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

One thought on “Blogger book nook #8: Murder in the library

  1. I found this months prompt really hard too! Then after I’d found a book to read, I was watching reviews on YouTube and found so many that would have been so much better… ugh! I feel like crime books are definitely ones I have to be in the mood for (which is rare) xx


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