Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman

“Meet Eleanor Oliphant: She struggles with appropriate social skills and tends to say exactly what she’s thinking. Nothing is missing in her carefully timetabled life of avoiding social interactions, where weekends are punctuated by frozen pizza, vodka, and phone chats with Mummy. All this means that Eleanor has become a creature of habit (to say the least) and a bit of a loner.

But everything changes when Eleanor meets Raymond, the bumbling and deeply unhygienic IT guy from her office. When she and Raymond together save Sammy, an elderly gentleman who has fallen on the sidewalk, the three become the kinds of friends who rescue one another from the lives of isolation they have each been living. And it is Raymond’s big heart that will ultimately help Eleanor find the way to repair her own profoundly damaged one.”

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So I have seen this all over Instagram recently and just knew that I had to read it. At first I didn’t really connect with Eleanor, I found her slightly tedious but as the book went on I actually ended up finding her quite endearing. If the book had stayed the same from the beginning throughout it would have been three stars but it does pick up and there are things that you don’t expect so it became four stars. What I loved the most was the development of Eleanor’s and Raymond’s friendship and the fact that although you could see it developing into something more, it isn’t forced and the book doesn’t focus on them being in a relationship.

In the first half-two thirds of the book you can see Eleanor slowly unravelling but she doesn’t necessarily notice it, she truly believes that she is fine living the way she does. However, an event occurs and it is life changing for Eleanor and after that event you can see her putting herself back together. I like the writing in this book because there are things that you don’t expect to happen and things are cleverly discussed. The event that occurs sets up the rest of the book but it doesn’t become the sole focus and although you can assume what has happened, it isn’t explicitly said. It’s almost like the event is more of a catalyst of what’s to come as opposed to being the sole issue. It ends up being beautiful whilst being heartbreaking. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone, I am glad I read it.

Have you read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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