I’m opening an etsy shop!

Hi everyone! So today’s post was going to be another ‘this is what I’ve learnt’ kind of post but not only did I not want to write another of those posts, I have something new and exciting to share. If you read my last post, you will know I am winging it for a while. Part of what I want to do as a result of this decision is to work for myself. I had admitted that I didn’t know exactly what this would entail and that I knew there would be some challenges. However, last week I had a brainwave. I have decided to open my own etsy shop!

I am so excited for this venture. My products will be handmade crochet items, with things like bookmarks, coasters, phone socks and tea cosies. I decided to go with crochet because I went through a phase where I loved to crochet and it is a pretty easy skill once you’ve mastered it. I thought I would start small and then once I get better at it I can make more challenging things to sell.

I know running an etsy shop and making sales isn’t easy. I know I probably won’t be making money overnight but even if I got a couple of sales a week I’ll be happy. I am learning that the creating is time consuming but I’m determined to make this work for me. I haven’t created everything yet and I don’t have a name but I just wanted to share this piece of news with you all.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

15 thoughts on “I’m opening an etsy shop!

  1. Abbie this is so exciting! It’s wonderful to see you’re going to be plunging into the world of Etsy! Crocheting is a talent that I really wish I had, so the fact that you’re turning it into an earner for yourself is brilliant! Sounds like you’re being realistic but determined at the same time with your attitude to everything, I wish you the best of luck!

    Abbey xx

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  2. Ahh how exciting – best of luck to you and your Etsy shop! My mum recently opened up one herself after falling in love with crochet again – we haven’t seen any sales yet, and at times it can be discouraging when you have people that are interested (she does custom orders too) and they disappear! It’s an interesting adventure nonetheless and I hope you have a lot of fun crocheting 🙂


  3. Ahhh this is SO amazing!! congrats lovely!! I absolutely love seeing women starting their own businesses! Wishing you so much luck – I’m sure you’ll do amazing as it’s clearly something you’re passionate about! x


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