My 2018 goals

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are already in another year! It has become a bit of a tradition for me to write a blog post on my goals for the upcoming year so I naturally had to write one for this year. I admit that I am not that great at actually tracking my goals but I do like to set myself some regardless. I thought that this year I would break them up into personal and blogging goals as there is quite a lot I want to achieve and thought they would be easier to achieve if I categorised them.


  • Read 25 books -So anyone who knows me will know how much I love reading and I have come to love setting myself a goal of how many books I want to read for the year. Last year I set myself the goal of 12 books which I surpassed by reading over 20 so I thought that 25 would be achievable particularly as I have a list of must read books for the year. The good thing about this goal is that I can keep track of it on goodreads.
  • Write my own book – I’ve always had a love for creative writing and have always wanted to write my own book, even if nothing else happened with it. At the back end of last year I started coming up with some ideas for a book so I hope to expand those ideas and have written at least a first draft of it by this time next year.
  • Learn a new language – So this is something I have tried in the past but I am determined to achieve it this year. Knowing another language opens up new opportunities and I’ve lost out on jobs due to my lack of language skills. I also just want to do this to gain a new skill generally.


  • Write more book reviews – So this relates to my reading goal as I will obviously be reviewing the books I will be reading. One of the things I always set out to do when I started blogging was be a book blogger but I recently fell out of habit so I really want to get back into it this year.
  • Vary my content – With the above being said, I also want to add some variety to my content. Last year I started writing Disney content but this year I want it to become a big part of my blog. I have started to plan a series that I hope to start this month. I also started sharing poetry so I hope to do more of that. I really want to give my blog some kind of direction.
  • Try daily blogging – So I’m not the most organised blogger but for as long as I have been blogging I have wanted to do something like blogtober or blogmas as I like the idea of daily blogging. I definitely want to challenge myself to daily blog for a full month this year!
  • Support other bloggers – So one of the things that inspired me to start a blog was other bloggers. I have always loved to read other people’s blogs and leave comments but I fell out of habit. I definitely want to read more blogs and leave more comments this year as I feel we should all support other bloggers more.

There you have it! There are my goals for 2018. I may not achieve them all but I can give them a good go. Have you set yourself any goals for this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

14 thoughts on “My 2018 goals

  1. Well done you on smashing your reading goal last year, I am confident you’ll manage 25 books in 2018 no problem! I can’t wait to see more Disney content from you as well, they are some of my favourite posts to read as they bring back so many nostaglic memories! It’s so sweet that you’ve got supporting other bloggers on this list too, good on you for spreading positivity and love!

    Abbey 😘


  2. These are great goals! I also want to read more this year as I failed my Goodreads challenge by 2 books and it annoyed me so much haha! I think making a start on writing yourself is a great goal to have as well. And you never know what might come from it! xxx


  3. these are amazing goals! i would love to write my own book too! and read more! best of luck with all these goals and happy new year! xx corinne


  4. You’ve got so many cool goals for this year and writing a book would be an amazing achievement!

    I’m with you on writing more book reviews, I read some great books last year but didn’t manage to post reviews on any of them..

    Happy New Year and good luck with all your goals 😊


  5. These sound like really great goals – good luck with them! I need to be better on commenting on blog posts as well, so hopefully that will be a realistic target!


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