My favourite bloggers for Blogmas

Hi everyone! Welcome to day two of my Christmas countdown. Yesterday’s post was about my favourite Christmas films so feel free to check that one out. I actually wanted to do Blogmas myself this year but due to a lack of motivation and planning I ended up giving it a miss. However, I have loved reading everyone else’s posts. I won’t lie, I have struggled to keep up with them. I was also watching Vlogmas but I was even worse at keeping up with that, at least with a blog post you can just read it whenever. With this in mind, I thought I would do a post of bloggers I have loved this month for their Blogmas content!

Its all Zara
Zara is actually a new blogger to me that I checked out for Blogmas content. Not only have I loved her content in general but I love her style of posts and her style of writing, particularly her collaborative posts such as her let’s talk series. She has seriously inspired me for the New Year! It is also her first year doing Blogmas so for a first timer she has done a good job!
Top 3 post
Blogmas day 2: Let’s Talk – Christmas – I just love this post! This was one of her collaborative posts that I just found really fun and interesting to read what other people do at Christmas!
Blogmas day 4: Christmas questionnaire – This one of my all time favourite Blogmas posts for sure! I actually wanted to fill out this questionnaire myself!
Blogmas day 13: A short Christmas story – This for sure was one of the sweetest and cutest things I have ever read! I honestly loved it so much.

Life with Ktkinnes
I have followed Katie’s blog for a while so it is no surprise I have been loving her Blogmas content! One of the things I have loved particularly was that she included a Christmas film at the start of her blog posts which I thought was really fun. Her blog even plays Christmas music!
Top 3 posts
Blogmas day 2: Disney decorations I need – No surprise I loved this post as I am a Disney girl through and through! She picked so many cute decorations too.
My letter to Santa – I loved this post as it was just really fun and I don’t really think I wrote many letters to Santa and it made me want to write my own (no surprises that I didn’t).
Dream decorations – I love this post as it is about how she would decorate her dream house at Christmas which I thought was a really fun idea as I would imagine what my dream home would look like at Christmas.

I have followed Claire for a while but I haven’t read much of her content before Blogmas but from reading her Blogmas posts I will definitely become a loyal reader! I love her blogmas posts because they are so different and unique to any of the other content that I have read this month.
Top 3 posts
A very festive wishlist – I love a good wishlist particularly at Christmas! I love seeing what other people want for Christmas and it sometimes gives me ideas of what I may want or what I could give other people.
A daughter’s 1st blog post – This was written by Claire’s daughter and it was honestly the cutest thing I have read in my life!
Bloggers Christmas memories – I love this post as it’s memories that have been shared by other bloggers which I think is really nice.

There you have it! My favourite bloggers for Blogmas. Whose content have you been loving for Blogmas? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!





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