Let’s talk about Christmas movies

Hi everyone! So I realised that I haven’t posted as much Christmas content as I would have liked throughout December which I am quite gutted about as I have been quite inspired to do so and I also missed out on doing Blogmas which I had wanted to do. However, I have decided that to make up for it I would post a Christmas themed blog post every day this week, almost like a countdown to Christmas. I thought the best way to kick off this countdown would be a post about Christmas films! I feel like it’s not Christmas if you haven’t watched at least one Christmas film in December (I’ve already watched three, I am starting another one as I write this!). I have so many favourites and there are still so many I haven’t seen. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on a few of the Christmas films I love and I have just watched for the first time.

The nightmare before Christmas
I love this film! It is definitely one of my all time favourite Christmas films for sure. I am actually watching it whilst I write this post. It is definitely not Christmas for me if I haven’t watched this film. Who doesn’t love a bit of Sandy Claws!?

The Holiday
This is definitely another one of my all time favourites! Again I have to watch this at least once before Christmas (or even after). I love this because it’s a chick flick and it’s just so romantic. I even quite like Cameron Diaz and Jack Black in it and I don’t like them in much. It also has Jude Law in it so what’s not to like.

Jack Frost
So I actually watched this for the first time yesterday as it was on TV so I thought it would be nice to watch it. It is a really good film! If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a boy’s dad who comes back as a snowman to spend more time with his son. It is a little sad but it is really heartwarming and sweet and quite funny.

Christmas inheritance
So this was a first time I actually watched a Netflix original and I wasn’t expecting much from it but honestly it was really good! It reminds me a bit of Sweet home Alabama.  It is a bit of a chick flick and it is slightly predictable but it is quite heartwarming and funny and I definitely want to watch it again this Christmas!

There you go! There are some of my favourite Christmas films! Do you have any particular films you just have to watch at Christmas? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Christmas movies

  1. It is not Christmas if you don’t watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I also love Nightmare Before Christmas, The Polar Express, and Home Alone 2 😄


  2. I LOVE The Holiday! I watch it every year. Also Love Actually, Christmas with the Kranks and Home alone &2 are ovies I love to watch in December!! I also like to watch the Harry Potter movies at that time of year even though they’re not technically Christmas-y!


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