Introducing…That Blogger Rocks

Hi everyone! So this is something I’ve been contemplating for a while if I am being honest. I’ve been umm-ing and aah-ing about it as I know how many amazing retweet accounts there are out there already, some that I use myself, so was unsure if people would want another one and I didn’t really want to feel like I’m invading other people’s territory I guess, and I don’t have a particularly large following on my personal twitter so would I really be able to make a retweet account work? I’ve also put it out there on my twitter before and never really gotten a response…

 However, I just decided I want to bite the bullet and do it regardless of the outcome because you never know if you don’t try, right? So that’s where That Blogger Rocks comes in! It will mainly be a retweet account for a while until I figure out what I want to do with it as I have a couple of ideas but just want to get the account up and running first and get some engagement with it to see how well it works. I really wanted to do this because I have always wanted to be a part of running a blogging retweet account so I thought creating my own would be a good way to do this. I just really want people to use this account!
If you do want your blog posts/youtube videos retweeted, tag @TBR_RT or use the hashtag #thatbloggerrocks (apologies for the long hashtag!). I hope to get some support with this venture as I really want to make it work. I hope that once it gets established that I will be able to introduce new elements but I want to keep them up my sleeve in case it ends up being a disaster and I delete the account.
Thanks for reading!
Abbie. X

8 thoughts on “Introducing…That Blogger Rocks

  1. This is such a brilliant thing to do! There can never be too many accounts to share blogger content in my opinion because sometimes you just can’t seem to find an account that is actually reliable at retweeting your posts! I now help to run the #TeacupClub retweets, which can be hard to keep up with but it’s so rewarding to be able to help so many fellow bloggers out, so it’s super worthwhile! Good on you for doing it, I’ll be off to follow this account now!
    Abbey 😘


  2. Awh this is a great idea! Some retweet accounts are useless – no offence to them as I’m sure the owners have a lot to do but I’ve certainly found myself tagging and tagging and never getting anything back. I’ll definitely be following! 💖


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