My blogging journey

Hi everyone! So I know I have written a million and one posts similar to this one, explaining the reasons I started blogging, why I created this particular blog, what direction my blog will go in etc etc. However, this is more of a reflection post of where I started and where I am now. I was recently watching a tag video created by Zoe Sugg known as the YouTube show and tell tag. It was essentially questions she had kind of created to give an idea of her journey on YouTube. One of my favourite YouTubers Brogan also did the tag and it got me thinking about my own blogging journey and I thought it would be nice to kind of express that in a blog post.

If you have read all of the posts that have come before this one, you will know I had a blog previous to this one. I think I had the blog for around a year and a half maybe. I know I started that one in August 2015 at the end of my first year of uni as a bit of a hobby whilst I had some time to spare. I have had this blog almost two years now so I have probably been blogging for nearly 3 and a half years! It’s strange to think I have been blogging for that long and how much my blog and blogging style has evolved in that time. My very first post on my old blog was a summer favourites post as I had seen other bloggers doing their monthly favourites posts and thought it would be a good kind of post to do. My old blog is actually still live so looking back on this post I can see a huge change in my blogging style particularly because I doubt I would include fruit shaped sticky notes in a favourites post now!

When I first started blogging properly, a lot of my posts were based on things other people were writing about. I kind of followed the crowd (pretty unsuccessfully, I may add) because I thought that was what people wanted to read and it was working out well for the bloggers I was following at the time. Looking back on some of my really early posts I was also super blunt and to the point but I kind of gave no real introduction or depth to my posts. I also had to be on bloglovin because everyone else was, which is pretty ironic considering how little I and probably most people currently use bloglovin. I did start to find myself after a while, once I realised I had to start blogging for myself and not because it was what other people were doing. I did start to find my own niche, as I started doing book reviews which I still do but they have drifted off a little on this blog. Even the style of them evolved as time went on though and it changed again once I moved to this blog.

I ended up creating a new blog for a few different reasons. The main one was because I had just fallen out of love with that blog and I didn’t feel like it really represented who I was or who I wanted to be as a blogger. I had also had enough of blogger as I have always much preferred using my phone to blog but blogger just wasn’t meeting my needs after a while. That was when I decided I wanted to move over to WordPress and the easiest way for me was just to create a new blog. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about my old blog anyway so I wasn’t bothered about losing anything from that as I wanted this blog to be a fresh start. Don’t get me wrong there are still posts I have written that I have looked back on and not really liked on this blog but I feel like all of them are representative of me in one way or another.

The biggest issue for me was that I have always worried about what other people would think about my content and always thought I was better doing what everyone else was doing rather than what I genuinely wanted to do. However, what I have learnt is that it’s important for you to be invested in what you are writing and people will see this and probably enjoy your content more as a result. I also feel its important to write posts you would enjoy reading yourself. I love writing posts that represent who I am. So what if my content isn’t like anyone elses? I enjoy writing it and that’s what matters to me. I obviously want people to like my content but not because it is what everyone else is doing. In terms of my blogs current direction, I want to include more book reviews because I am a massive book lover and love sharing thoughts on books I have read. I am actually getting back into it through the blogger book nook but I want to include more where I can. I also want to include more disney themed content so I want to start a disney series as well as writing more chatty posts like this one.

If you have made it this far, sorry for such a long post! However, I am glad to have taken the time out to reflect.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

One thought on “My blogging journey

  1. Hi Abigail,

    I’m only just taking the first step with blogging, so it’s nice to find blogs like yours which have been around for a while and are only growing. Who really knows what’s possible.

    Wishing you well for the New Year.


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