My August favourites

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are already at the end of August and going into September!! Where is the year going?? So I wasn’t going to write this post originally because I was going to give up these posts. However, I thought I would reinvent it and share my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos from the month. I was going to write a post about my favourite bloggers and vloggers but I thought this would a more fun way to do it. (Side note: not every monthly favourite will include blog posts and YouTube videos, it may be more of one or the other, I just wanted to include both so I wasn’t limiting myself).

Reasons why my cat is an asshole – So I love Joe and this blog post was definitely one of the most fun and original ones I have read in a while. I have two cats and they are definitely assholes. Anyone who has a cat will definitely be able to relate to this post, that’s for sure!

Deciding to go at my own pace – This post by Rhianna hit my own feelings on the head! She talked about the constant feeling of needing to do everything right now and how she is starting to say no and do things at her own pace. I read this post at a point where I was really stressing about getting a job and things just weren’t really going my way. However, it really helped knowing someone else was feeling the way I was and since I have really been taking things at my own pace.

The 4 types of boys I met on my first month back on tinder – Millie’s post is a very different one for me. She is quite new to me and I don’t often read posts about dating and I’ve personally never used tinder. However, I thought I would read it anyway and I really enjoyed it! Even though I’ve never used tinder I can imagine all four types that Millie talks about. I also love how well the photos go with the post!

My blogging fuck budget – This was one of my favourite posts this month! Abbie talks about the things she does and doesn’t consider to be important to her when it comes to blogging. I just loved this post because I could relate to it. I loved it so much that I have actually written my own!

There you have it, my favourite blog posts this month! What have been your favourite posts? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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