My June blogging goals

Hi everyone! So another month, another set of blogging goals. The thing about doing these posts each month is that I contemplate whether I want to keep doing them. I do like doing these posts because it’s kind of my way of holding myself accountable to what it is I want to achieve for that month. It also helps me achieve my overall goals by breaking them up into smaller monthly goals. However, it can get slightly tedious and become slightly repetitive after a while. That being said, I’m sticking with it for now and just see how it goes. 

Looking back at last months goals, I barely achieved them. I didn’t comment on as many blog post as I wanted to, I didn’t join many twitter chats like I wanted to and I didn’t schedule any tweets. I think I might just have to write off my goals for last month. I really do want to try harder with my blog overall, which is why I write these posts because it makes me work harder because my goals are here for everyone to see. With that, let’s look at my blogging goals for this month.

1. Blog more – Ok so this one seems really basic but as I’ve said a few times in previous posts, I feel like I’ve really lacked this month. I have so many ideas for posts, I just need to get them written. I’m not going to have a specific schedule but I want to post at least once a week if not more. 

2. Leave 30 comments – So for the last couple of months I’ve been aiming to leave 50 comments but I’ve realised this month that maybe it’s not as realistic as I had thought. I love leaving comments on other people’s blog posts so hopefully by setting a lower target I’ll have a better chance of going beyond it.

3. Be more active on Instagram – I love Instagram because I love to scroll through other people’s pictures (even with the algorithm that means I see pictures from three days ago) but I’m not very active in terms of posting myself. I’m always telling myself to start posting more often but honestly I’m just so bad at it so who knows if I will achieve this goal but I have to try!

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