My May favourites 

Hi everyone! How are we already at the end of May?! I’ve really lacked when it comes to blogging this month but honestly I’m trying to get back on the horse. I have probably been watching more tv and reading more books than anything this month because I’ve not had anything else to do. I’ve also done a lot of clothes shopping for my holiday next month and my graduation ball which is in a few days!! That being said, I have a few things that I really loved this month so I thought I would share them with you!

RuPaul’s drag race – So I never imagined this would be my kind of show and honestly although I knew that it was about drag queens, I thought the name was literal and thought it would be drag races between drag queens. However, I decided to watch it as I’d heard so much about it and I love it! I realised it’s actually quite like americas next top model meets drag queens. It’s honestly so funny and I just love RuPaul!! I’ve only watched two series but I haven’t been able to watch the first season as Netflix starts from season two. It suprised me how much I actually liked it. My favourite parts are the snatch game show and when they have to read each other.

Gilmore Girls – I have heard so much about how good Gilmore girls is over the past couple of years so knew that when I had the time I needed to watch it, particularly with the reunion being recently released. I am currently on season three and absolutely love it. It’s such an easy watch and so enjoyable with great characters. I adore Rory and Lorelai’s relationship and the small town they live in. I’d love to live in such a quaint village.

IMDO (In My Disney Opinion) Podcast – So I heard about this podcast from listening to Dedicated to DLP and I’ve always wanted to listen to it but never really got round to it. It’s actually more of a live show than it is a podcast although you can listen to old shows on iTunes. It is live for about for hours where the hosts mark and Alyssa play Disney music and listeners can call in and talk about anything Disney related and everyone can tweet along and it’s really fun. I’d honestly recommend listening live because it’s honestly so much fun!!

That’s it for May! I can’t believe we are almost half way through the year! What have you been loving this month? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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