The Disney challenge 

Hi everyone! So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am starting to move into the realm of Disney blogging. I even just got a new blog header which you can see that is Disney themed (three guesses as to what are my favourite Disney films!) which was designed by the lovely Claire over at Aloha lola cards so be sure to check her out. As I am wanting to incorporate more Disney themed posts, I thought I would do the Disney challenge which I originally found on Hollywood and Lime. 

1. Favourite character – Its pretty hard to pick a favourite Disney character but I have to say it would either be Judy Hopps or Moana.

2. Favourite princess – I love cinderella and Belle. Belle has to be my particular favourite because I am quite similar to Belle in the sense that I love reading books and quite shy in the same way as Belle (plus whenever I take a quiz to see which Princess I am I often get Belle). I also love Repunzal (the tangled version)!

3. Favourite heroine – This is a tough one, but I would probably say either Merida from Brave or Alice from Alice in wonderland.

4. Favourite Prince – This is another hard one because I don’t feel like I get particularly attached to the Princes but if I had to choose it would be beast because I feel like he’s the only one who plays a key role in a film as a Prince. However, although he doesn’t necessarily count as a Prince, I love Flynn Rider from Tangled because he’s like the anti hero.

5. Favourite hero – I’m actually pretty unsure on this one.  I can’t actually think of any characters that would particularly class as a hero.

6. Favourite animal – I absolutely adore stitch, although he may not be an animal as he’s an experiment

7. Favourite sidekick – Pascal! He is just the cutest sidekick and one of the funniest

8. Favourite villain – Yzma from The emperors new groove! I absolutely adore her and Kronk

9. Favourite original character – Probably Micky or Minnie, although I love Donald Duck too

10. Favourite song – I love I can’t wait to be king from the lion king, try everything from Zootopia and when will my life begin from tangled

11. Favourite love song – I see the light from Tangled has to be the ultimate Disney love song although I love can you feel the love tonight

12. Favourite villain song – Im not big on villain songs but if I had to pick one it would either be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast or Mother knows best from tangled

13. Least favourite song – The Siamese song is the absolute worst! It creeps me out everytime I hear it

14. Favourite kiss – Most likely repunzal and Flynn or lady and the tramp

15. The first movie you saw – Im actually not sure I know which was the first I saw. I imagine it would have been something like Cinderella because it’s a classic

16. Favourite classic – I love Cinderella and the original beauty and the beast

17. Least favourite classic – I wasn’t the biggest fan of Snow White and the seven dwarfs or Sleeping Beauty

18. Favourite Pixar movie – I love brave, inside out, the good dinosaur, and Up

19. Least favourite Pixar movie – I wasn’t the biggest fan of wall-e or a bugs life

20. Favourite sequel – I think the only sequel I’ve seen to a Disney film is the live action Alice through the looking glass which was pretty good

21. An overrated movie – I feel like Dumbo is pretty overrated as well as Bambi and possibly Aladdin

22. An underrated movie – I feel a lot of the Winnie the Pooh movies are underrated especially the tigger movie

23. A movie that makes you laugh – Probably most Disney films in honesty, so too many to really name and I can’t think of any specific one

24. A movie that makes you cry – I actyally used to cry at The fox and the hound so I have refused to watch it since because it has to be the saddest film I’ve ever seen in my life

25. Favourite scene from your favourite movie – I love the bit in Lilo and Stitch where she is teaching him about Elvis and she puts his finger on a record player and opens his mouth and elvis starts playing. I also love when Repunzal hits Flynn over the head with a frying pan.

26. Saddest death – Probably Ellie at the start of Up

27. Favourite quote – I actually don’t know Disney films that well to have a favourite quote

28. Favourite theme park – I’ve only been to Disney World Florida so that would make it my favourite but I am dying to go to Disneyland Paris

29. Favourite theme attraction – Probably thunder mountain or pirates of the Caribbean

30. Favourite theme park show – I don’t think I actually saw a particular show at Walt Disney World

If you are a disney fan and love a good tag post feel free to do this one and if you do feel free to tag me and I’ll be sure to comment on it!

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

8 thoughts on “The Disney challenge 

  1. Ah I love this tag! Also yay for Moana and Judy Hopps (I adore them), although Mulan and Pochahontas would be my picks for Disney princesses. Hope you manage to get to Disneyland Paris one day!



  2. I’m a huge Disney fan! Reading this post felt like a trip down memory lane. I’m not sure if he’s considered a Disney Prince, but my favorite “prince” is Li Shang from Mulan. He has everything I could wish for in a man–brave, smart and has really nice hair lol. I also agree that Ellie’s death in Up is one of the saddest moments in Disney history. It really makes me tear up every time I watch it.


  3. I love this idea, I will definitely be doing this at some point! I just started blogging and find it hard to find followers. Any suggestions on how to start a better connection with other bloggers?


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