My May blogging goals

Hi everyone! I actually cannot believe we are already in May, like where is the year going?! Anyway, I have started setting myself monthly blogging goals and it worked really well for me last month so I thought I would keep it going. I actually like the idea of setting small goals to achieve bigger ones rather than tackle a big goal. I have a couple of exciting blog things happening this month too! I’m getting a new blog header which is exciting and I am waiting on a blogging planner which I am excited about. With that here are my blogging goals for May. 

Leave 50 comments

OK, so I set this goal last month and didn’t track it properly so have no idea how many comments I actually left. I feel like I got pretty close to this goal so 50 comments still seems like a realistic goal. I did love leaving people comments, particularly as I prefer to leave meaningful comments so when I do comment on someone’s blog post I always say what I feel. Hopefully I will track this goal properly so I know exactly how many comments I have at the end of this month.

Schedule tweets

So I have realised in the past that promoting on social media really helps my blog. The problem I have is that I start off scheduling tweets but after a while it just gets tedious. This month I want to schedule tweets everyday or at least most days because it really does make a difference.

Take part in more Twitter chats

OK so I love twitter chats but honestly I either end up forgetting about them all together or I join one and then forget about it. I need to be more engaged in them because again it helps my blog so much and I gain a few new followers and I find a few new blogs which I always love.

That’s my blogging goals for May. Have you set any goals for this month? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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