My May favourites 

Hi everyone! How are we already at the end of May?! I’ve really lacked when it comes to blogging this month but honestly I’m trying to get back on the horse. I have probably been watching more tv and reading more books than anything this month because I’ve not had anything else to do. I’ve also done a lot of clothes shopping for my holiday next month and my graduation ball which is in a few days!! That being said, I have a few things that I really loved this month so I thought I would share them with you! Continue reading “My May favourites “

My blogging mojo

Hi everyone! So recently I have been seriously lacking on the blogging front. I’m not sure why, I think I’ve been lacking motivation. Also, every time I try to write a post I can’t seem to find the words. I’ve been working on a blog post for probably about the last week and still can’t seem to find the right words that allow me to convey what it is that I want to say.  Continue reading “My blogging mojo”

Beauty and the beast: Lost in a book by Jennifer Donnelly 

“​Smart, bookish Belle, a captive in the Beast’s castle, has become accustomed to her new home and has befriended its inhabitants. When she comes upon Nevermore, an enchanted book unlike anything else she has seen in the castle, Belle finds herself pulled into its pages and transported to a world of glamour and intrigue. The adventures Belle has always imagined, the dreams she was forced to give up when she became a prisoner, seem within reach again. Continue reading “Beauty and the beast: Lost in a book by Jennifer Donnelly “

The Disney challenge 

Hi everyone! So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am starting to move into the realm of Disney blogging. I even just got a new blog header which you can see that is Disney themed (three guesses as to what are my favourite Disney films!) which was designed by the lovely Claire over at Aloha lola cards so be sure to check her out. As I am wanting to incorporate more Disney themed posts, I thought I would do the Disney challenge which I originally found on Hollywood and Lime.  Continue reading “The Disney challenge “

The real neat blog award

Hi everyone! So today’s blog is courtesy of Mchi over at mchi blogs. I feel like a little bit of a fraud with this post because mchi just opened it up to anyone wanted to answer her questions as she felt all bloggers deserved the award. However, I will thank her for allowing me the courtesy to take on this award. In honesty I can’t particularly choose winners either (and when I have tagged people in these kind of posts in the past they haven’t written a post for it) and I wasn’t specifically tagged in it myself so I’m gonna be a cop out and say you all deserve the award and want any of you to answer my questions if you so wish. Without further ado here are my answers to her questions.  Continue reading “The real neat blog award”

My May blogging goals

Hi everyone! I actually cannot believe we are already in May, like where is the year going?! Anyway, I have started setting myself monthly blogging goals and it worked really well for me last month so I thought I would keep it going. I actually like the idea of setting small goals to achieve bigger ones rather than tackle a big goal. I have a couple of exciting blog things happening this month too! I’m getting a new blog header which is exciting and I am waiting on a blogging planner which I am excited about. With that here are my blogging goals for May.  Continue reading “My May blogging goals”