Let’s talk about the blogging community

Hi everyone! So a lot has been going on within the blogging community as of late. There is always some drama going on, whether that’s bloggers scamming other bloggers, people not declaring sponsored posts, bloggers being painted in a bad light or bloggers buying followers on instagram, there’s always something. I know everyone has had a say on this topic or surrounding topics so you are probably sick of seeing people talking about drama but honestly this is my space so it’s up to me what I post here and that’s that. 

The biggest thing for me when there is drama (and Abbey Louisa Rose put this perfectly in her post) is that when it does happen it’s over as soon as it has started and its as if it never did happen. Also, for me it’s slightly annoying that the blogging community only seem to come together and support one another when this drama does occur. Like yesterday, there was drama around bloggers buying followers on instagram which then lead to bloggers coming to together and sharing the love for bloggers they considered to be real and hardworking on instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is great and there are bloggers that share the love with others on a regular basis but for the most part this is probably as far as it will go and that kind of makes me sad. We should be supporting each other all the time, not just to prove a point almost when other people are doing something wrong.

I also think that it shouldn’t be a one off thing that we are talking about these things. I prefer to write a blog post that people can read over and over again than going on a twitter rant that people will forget about in a couple of hours. Also, personally I dont think it makes as much of an impact if you don’t really mention it past a twitter rant. I feel like if you really believe in the cause then you should do more than just write a twitter rant and then act as if it never happened. I also feel that these things should be talked about even when there isn’t drama going on.

I also feel there are a lot of things that don’t get mentioned about the blogging community.  Sometimes I feel like there is a stigma around speaking out about ‘unpopular’ opinions and honestly I have a few opinions some people may not necessarily agree with, if not everyone. However, I’m not one for ‘outing’ people for what they are doing wrong. I actually hate drama within the community and to be honest there seems to be more and more of it.

The biggest thing that has happened yesterday also is that people were being ‘called out’ when they hadn’t  necessarily done anything wrong. Sometimes things can get a little lost in translation and cause more problems that are affecting people. I get why people would want to call out others because why shouldn’t they be if they are genuinely doing what they are being accused of but sometimes I think we all need to kind of think of the consequences of it especially if we happen to get it wrong. I personally think it’s sometimes better to just ignore the drama and if you feel that strongly about it unfollow them but sometimes it’s not worth giving people grief because it can have a bigger effect on others than the people that are actually doing something wrong because usually they are the ones that genuinely believe they aren’t doing anything wrong. I also think we actually make ourselves look bad as bloggers especially when we tear each other down even if it does seem like a legit reason as sometimes it causes more damage and we wonder why we get a bad name. We tell ourselves that we are a supportive bunch of people but when shit hits the fan it’s a fend for ourselves situation a lot of the time or on the flip side we only seem to be supportive of one another when the shit hits the fan and no other time.

Sorry today’s post was a long and rambly one, it’s just stuff that needs to be said once in a while. Twitter drama just ain’t my thang especially when that’s all I see on my feed for 24 hours. What’s your take on the blogging community? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the blogging community

  1. I read abbeys post and yours and I agree with both. Personally I don’t care for the drama and just stay out of it, it’s a shame people felt that they could call overs out even those who had done absolutely nothing wrong x


  2. I totally agree! Actions not just words in my opinion always ❤ plus people should always be kind and supportive but there is nothing wrong with supporting people a little more if they are feeling down as a result of drama xx


  3. I’m not keen on drama at all. We are all fully grown capable adults, and I totally agree with you on it seeming like everyone only gets together because of drama. It’s so frustrating!


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