My April blogging goals

Hi everyone! So today I am starting something new that was inspired by Bre over at Too Cute For Life. I am going to start setting myself monthly blogging goals. I really want to up my engagement and I feel like if I have something to hold myself accountable to I might actually get better at it. Each month I will reflect on what I have achieved the previous month and then set goals for that month.

Leave 50 blog comments 

So I love commenting on people’s blog posts but struggle to get round to it. However, when I do manage to comment on blogs, often as part of the teacup club meetings, I often get so much joy out of leaving meaningful heartfelt comments. I also really love reading people’s blog posts.

Write more Disney themed posts

So I recently wrote a post about my love of Disney and I have mentioned that I want to write more Disney themed posts so that is exactly what I hope to do this month. The sole purpose of this blog was to share my passions and loves and Disney is one of my biggest loves. I actually have a couple of post ideas so I’m excited to share them this month.

Be more active on social media

So I am really, really bad when it comes to social media. I don’t live a particularly interesting life so my instagram is so weak and I am terrible at scheduling tweets. I just want to try and up my game this month on both. I want to try and upload at least once a day on instagram and try to schedule tweets.

There you have it, my blogging goals for April. I really hope to achieve these goals. Do you have anything specific you want to achieve this month? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

6 thoughts on “My April blogging goals

  1. Aw! I’m glad I gave you a bit of inspiration, girl! Thanks for mentioning me. These all seem like great goals I’m sure you’ll smash this month. I believe in you!

    Breanna Catharina


  2. Yay for goals, the only way I get stuff done is to write them down and make them a goal. Even the small things like shower haha. My big goals this month are revise a little every day, blog twice a week and keep up with my exercise! xx
    Sophia xx


  3. This is such a great idea! You’re probably more likely to reach monthly goals than goals that you set yourself at the beginning of the year to then just completely forget…
    I really suck a social media, too. My Instagram is mostly dead simply because I don’t really take enough pictures on a daily basis to upload regularly. I should definitely join you in trying to change that!


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