Why I am scared of doing YouTube videos

Hi everyone! So I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I just really wanted to put my feelings about it out there if I’m being honest. So for a while now I have been contemplating the idea of doing YouTube videos. I don’t really know what it is about them that interests me but it really does. However I feel really reserved about doing them.

I think the biggest thing for me is that there are so many big names on YouTube that I fear I won’t get noticed and to me the whole point of YouTube is subscribers and views. I don’t mind if I don’t get a lot of engagement on my blog all the time because it’s different somehow but YouTube feels like you are really putting yourself out there because you are on camera for everyone to see and what’s the point of putting all the work in to get nothing back from it because it’s not like just typing some words (not that I am saying that all that goes into blogging is typing words, just used it as a frame of reference to the work that goes into a YouTube video).

I am also really bad for comparing myself to others. I know I shouldn’t but how can I not? There are so many amazing people and I just don’t feel like I am like those people. Like to me my life is so mundane so what would I fill my videos with. I also don’t have a big expensive camera and I can’t afford one so if I was to do YouTube videos it would have to be with my phone which most people probably wouldn’t consider to be ‘professional’. I feel like I get judged because of the fact I don’t take my own photos for my blog because of my lack of equipment anyway so I don’t feel like putting myself out there to be judged on this further. I also can’t find the right kind of time to do it because I feel a little bit weird about the idea of just talking to a camera especially when there are other people in my house which is quite often at the moment. 

Anyway that’s just how I feel about it. I still want to do YouTube videos but I just needed to share my feelings about it. Have you considered doing YouTube videos? Feel free to share anything in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

3 thoughts on “Why I am scared of doing YouTube videos

  1. Girl, I feel you. I’ve always wanted to do YouTube videos. I used to be glued to the site when I was younger, watching all my favorite youtubers. I know I want to break into it eventually, but it’s is intimidating in a way blogging isn’t. I feel like it opens you up more to criticism and judgement that doesn’t come with blogging. But hey, we’ll both get there when we’re ready 💕

    Breanna Catharina


  2. I totally feel you there… When I started working i bought a mirrorless camera with my first salary and want to make some videos just because it looks fun… But I realised that I’m so uncomfortable talking into the camera and listening to my own voice from the videos and makes me super self conscious about how i speak since english is not my first language… I also think people tend to be more ‘mean’ on youtube… I guess people who use youtube as entertainment have higher expectations, and if the video itself isn’t good enough, they would feel that their time is wasted. That is another reason Im also feeling quite insecure about youtube. 😦 Maybe i will try again once we move to a decent apartment and have more time to be free at home.


  3. I have been wanting to start with youtube for the longest time but I have so many doubts. Would people like my content? Would they hate my accent (I’m not a native English speaker)? Would they hate how I look? Would they dislike and leave hate comments? But I think, there will be a day one day I’ll start, I just need to find my confidence back!


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