Sunday chitchat

Hi everyone! So recently I started my peach chic hot or not but as you may have noticed I haven’t really kept up to it. I also recently started getting into writing more chatty posts which inspired me to start doing a more of a weekly catch up post as although I loved my peach chic hot or not but honestly I found it hard to maintain and found it hard to find things to talk about. 

So this week I announced I am running for my students union president. I’m excited and also nervous about it because there are five other people running and I really want it but I just don’t know how to make myself stand out so people will want to vote for me. The future in general scares me a little because I don’t have a plan and there are so many things I wish I could do. My phone also got a crack in it this weekend which has annoyed me to no end.

I also finished reading wicked this week which I was so glad about. I started reading so you’ve been publicly shamed by Jon Ronson which I’ve actually nearly finished. I will write a full review but I’ll say this now that I absolutely love the book!! I’m so glad I read it. I have borrowed the wizard of oz from a friend so I’ll read that next but I’m not sure what I will read after that. I haven’t read so much in a while so I am actually really happy I’ve got back into reading again.

Recently I have been thinking about new ventures I could take on. I would love to get back into writing, especially poetry. I don’t know what it is about poetry, I just like it. I have also been thinking about starting doing YouTube videos for a while now. A friend has recently started YouTube videos and it really made me think about it. However, I don’t have a camera to do it with so if I was to do it for now it would have to be recorded on my phone. Also I doubt anyone would want to watch them and to be honest I’m not that good on camera. We’ll just have to see where that one goes.

So that’s my week! Have you got anything to share about your week? Feel free to share anything in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

7 thoughts on “Sunday chitchat

  1. Lovely, personal post! Lots of luck on getting the Student Union President!! Also, writing poetry sounds great, would definitely love to read it.
    Freya –


  2. Good luck running for SU President! Just be yourself and I’m sure people will want to vote for you! Also that sucks about your phone, that would really annoy me too! Lovely post xx


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