Top ten MCU films

Hi everyone! So as I’ve already told you I am a huge marvel fan (if you didn’t know you can read my first post about my love of marvel here) particularly the MCU franchise. I thought it would be a fun idea to rank my top ten favourite mcu films (apologies it is a bit of a long post).

10 • Captain America 2 – This film is number 10 because I actually quite like this film particularly over the first Captain America film. The first one didn’t make the list because its my least favourite origin movie and this one only made 10 because although I do like it Captain America hasn’t always been one of my favourite avengers. It did make the list over the first one also because it makes Captain America way more interesting than the first one did at least in my opinion.

9 • Thor 2 – So this could be considered to be a controversial one as the Thor movies are seen to be the black sheep of the MCU and me and my boyfriend have had many debates about this particularly because he prefers the first over the second but I actually quite like Thor 2. Again the first Thor wasnt my favourite but this one has more action and nobody can deny that Loki is one of the best villains and I cannot wait for Thor 3 as there are a lot of questions to be answered!

8 • Doctor Strange – This is the most recent film within the MCU and one of the most visually amazing. I also loved Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. It also sets up Thor 3 well with the mid credits scene. The only real reason why it’s not further down this list is because there are so many amazing films within the MCU. I would also say that although the visuals are really amazing it can be quite trippy so it borderlines on being a bit much.

7 • Iron man – Again me and my boyfriend have had a few debates about this one because he isn’t a big fan of the first iron man but I actually quite like it. Iron man is probably also my favourite avenger although I can see why he isn’t always the most popular one. I love this film particularly because its the first glimpse you get into the avengers initiative and I also love Robert Downey Jr as Iron man.

6 • Ant Man – Ant man has to be one of the funniest films in the MCU. I love Paul Rudd in this role and all of the other characters are really strong which makes this film even better. I also love that falcon makes a cameo in it. Ant Man is particularly great because of the comedy that’s amongst the action.

5 • Avengers Assemble – This was actually the first film I saw in the mcu series as I watched it out the first phase order so this was the first film that got me into the mcu. It was also the very first film I watched with my boyfriend so it holds a special place in my heart. I wanted to watch it not really knowing much about it and really liked it so knew I had to watch the other films to understand what was going on as well as the fact I wanted to watch future films.

4 • Iron Man 3 – I love iron man 3 because you see a different side to Tony Stark. It’s less of his arrogant side and more of his vulnerable side. I also like the development of Tony’s and Peppers relationship although it’s not a particularly good development. You also meet war machine which is a good thing as he becomes another member of the avengers.
3 • Avengers 2 – Avengers 2 is a big development of the mcu films and builds up films that have come and will be coming after it. It is so much better than the first film particularly for black widow and hawkeye. You see a lot of development within their stories and this makes their characters more interesting. This film also has multiple villains which makes it more interesting and like I said it builds a lot for the films after it and raises questions that still require answers (which will be answered in Thor 3!!)

2 • Captain America civil war – This film is one of the best films that has been created so far within the mcu. It’s basically Avengers 2.5 but honestly I don’t care because it is just incredible. The fact the avengers have been pitted against each other and the fact that new characters like Ant Man and Spider Man have been introduced into the avengers makes the film amazing. It also raises questions about what will happen in the final avengers film as well as knowing that it will be incredible.
1 • Guardians of the Galaxy – This just had to be number one. It was a difficult choice between this one and Captain America 3 but this just had to be number 1 because it’s my all time mcu film. I love Chris Pratt as star lord and I especially love Bradley Cooper as rocket and Vin Deisel as Groot. I also love the music within the film. I honestly cannot wait for the second film this summer!!

There you have it, my top ten MCU films! Are there any you feel I may have missed? Feel free to share your favourites in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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