The good, the bad and the overhyped

Hi everyone! So the title of this post may seem a bit vague but I feel it’s quite fitting for this particular post. We all know how easy it is, particularly as bloggers, to jump on a bandwagon. Sometimes these things can go really well and it everyone loves whatever the current trend is or it can be that not everyone does like it, and although not everyone will like everything there are certain things I feel can get overhyped. 

This happened for me recently. I watched la la land over the weekend and I was expecting so much of it because of the hype surrounding it and yet it didn’t meet my expectations (you can read why here). I also jumped on a bandwagon a while back with the book reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig which again was a bit overhyped for me because I had heard loads about it particularly from bloggers but it just didn’t meet my expectations. I also feel the trend of the little book of hygee was overhyped because it was just selling you a lifestyle and I actually checked the book out and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

On the flip side I have seen or read things that have had a lot of hyped and loved them. Some things I haven’t heard about and loved even though other people have said there has been a lot of hype. My point is that although jumping on a hype can be a good thing and can work out well for you, there are a lot of things that are overhyped and also you shouldn’t feel bad for not jumping on a trend because sometimes things can end up being not what you expected but you don’t want to admit to it because other people are crazy about it.

I also think that trends of things that promote wellbeing can actually be slightly bad for wellbeing because as soon as they become a fad everyone feels the need to have it but then it could be that it doesn’t work for you but you’ve been told it’s the best thing since sliced bread right? So why doesn’t it work for you? This is what happens. It can become a negative thing that a positive one. I’m not saying people shouldn’t share their opinions of the things they love and likewise if something seems like it could be your thing then go ahead and check it out! This is just how I feel about overhype.

Have you checked anything out that you feel was overhyped? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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