Let’s talk about Marvel

Hi everyone! So today’s post comes from two kinds of places. The first place was that although I have about four posts in my drafts, three of them didn’t seem right and the fourth is the start of a series I am wanting to launch but need to work on it before I do. The second place was that I had actually done a let’s talk about series on my old blog and I thought it would be cool to start it up on this blog. However, I want it to be more about my interests as opposed to non descript subjects that I had an opinion on. On my old blog the topics consisted of things like blogging, vlogging etc but I don’t want to just resurrect it so I felt it needed a mix up. I also wanted to talk about marvel specifically because I have a few marvel related post ideas that may or may not make it onto the blog and if they do I felt this would be the best way to kind of ease them in.

So if you didn’t know I love marvel. It’s one of my boyfriend and I’s biggest common interests. He loved marvel way before me but when we got together the first film we ever watched together (not at the cinema) was the avengers. At this point I had never seen any of the other films but I loved the avengers and really wanted to see all of the other films, at least all of the films within the Marvel cinematic universe. To this day me and my boyfriend have not watched a single mcu film at least once together. We are also obsessed with the tv shows, that’s how obsessed with marvel we are. We have many discussions and debates about marvel but that will come later in the marvel posts.

I know that not everyone is a marvel fan and some people even prefer dc over marvel. I feel like there are some films that you just can’t not like though and for me it’s most of the marvel films. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love all of the films within the mcu (even if some of my likes or dislikes are considered to be controversial) but I don’t out and out hate them, there are just ones I like more than others. I think my favourite thing about marvel is that their films are always so big. My boyfriend feels that they should bring it down a little bit but honestly I feel like all of the explosions and effects is what draws the audience in. Also they get such good actors to play even better characters. Even someone like Chris Evans or Jeremy Renner adds to the mcu. There are also marvel films that are not part of the mcu although the only one I have seen is deadpool but that’s still amazing. I’ve also never seen a dc film and don’t despise people because they like dc but I just don’t understand how people can’t like marvel. I know not everyone likes everything but come on, it’s marvel! What’s not to like about it?!

That’s all I really have to say on the matter. The trouble is that the mcu is so far in now it would be pretty difficult for anyone who wasn’t already a committed fan to commit now. Although, I would still recommend them because they are all such good films. Do you like marvel or prefer dc or are you not a comic book turned movie person? Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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