The peach chic hot or not

Hi everyone! So I’m trying something new over here on over peach chic and that is the peach chic hot or not. I got this idea from Hannah Gale as she does her HG weekly charts every Friday and I just love them so I thought I would do something similar with my hot or not. Plus I used to love that bit in magazines.


Country music – I have got really into country music lately!! I’ve always had a bit of a love for it but I think since watching Nashville and finding the best country playlist on Apple Music I have become obsessed! It’s very good for studying in particular.

Designated survivor – I love this show!! Me and my boyfriend finished it this week (it only took us two days!) and we just loved it! It’s a political drama so it is well suited to people who like things like house of cards. It might not be as good as some shows but in terms of some other Netflix shows it deserves more hype than shows like stranger things (sorry not sorry).

Brogan Tate – I love Brogan Tate! I subscribed to her channel a while ago but only started watching her videos properly recently. I watched her NY vlogs and loved them so I watched a couple of her main channel videos and her most recent weekly vlog and I am definitely going to be a more regular viewer!!


That time of the month – So Mother Nature came calling this week and it’s caused me to have the worst cramps (I’m not naming it because I’m not that kind of person, sorry to those who are). Not only that but it came the day before I started back at uni so I had to deal with cramps on the only two days I was in uni. In honesty I don’t think anyone likes that time of the month, although some people have genuinely said they enjoy it so if you’re one of those people good for you but I’m really not. I also don’t like talking about it because although people think it should be something we should talk about I just don’t feel the need to share these kinds of things with other people so please be cool with that although I am fine with other people sharing if they want.

Research project – I am not going to deny that I hate my research project for my degree. Beyond the fact I pretty much had to start from scratch, for whatever reason I just cannot find research for my current project that I either dont already have or is any good to me. On top of that I only have till April to finish an 8,000 word report and I’ve barely written 500 so wish me luck.

Photography – So you can probably tell that I don’t take my own blog photos. I wish I could but I just don’t. I actually saw a super nice camera that I wanted and I even got round to ordering it but then realised I just couldn’t justify paying so much for it because it really did make an impact to my balance so I ended up cancelling the order as it was through amazon. I get that for some bloggers photography is everything and I totally respect that and love other people’s photography but I’m just not in a position to get a camera I can use for blogging and I don’t take very good quality photos using my phone. If anyone has any tips for taking photos with their phone please send them my way.

There you have it, my first peach chic hot or not! Hopefully this will become a weekly thing every Sunday. Are there any things that you have loved or hated this week? Feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

8 thoughts on “The peach chic hot or not

  1. Oh I love this idea you’ve had for this post! It’s really great. I’m currently dealing with mother nature as well…. it sucks! I’d much rather a letter. I’ve heard so much about designated survivor but not watched it! I should probably give it a go!

    Jordanne ||


  2. Absolutely love this as an idea for a post! You’re right, I definitely miss it in magazines.

    Designated Survivor is amazing! I can’t wait for the next series! Although some of the so-called plot twists were kind of predictable in my opinion.

    Have you watched either The West Wing or 24?

    Ktkinnes xx


  3. Aw good luck with the report! I have one next year and am dreading it 😦 but I guess we have to have bad/hard times to have good times 🙂 xx


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