Christmas gift haul

Hi everyone! So I wanted to share this post but I had already scheduled all my posts for before the new year so I honestly didn’t have much choice than to push it till the new year. However, I love reading what other people get for Christmas so I thought it would be fun to share what I got.

I got some DVDs off of my mum and auntie. I got finding Nemo (my sister got finding dory, which is an amazing film!), love actually and the holiday double set, the nightmare before Christmas, the good dinosaur and Alice through the looking glass. We actually watched the good dinosaur on Christmas and it is literally the cutest film I have ever seen in my life! I also got some PJs, I got a minions pair off my mum and a Harry Potter pair with matching slippers off my nan. I actually got a few pairs of slippers, I got the Harry Potter ones, some from my other Nan in Spain and a pair of panda ones from my uncle. I also got a Alice in wonderland dressing gown from my mum. My other auntie got me a Lynx for her set and my mum got me an impulse set and I got a couple of selection boxes and some quality street.

I got some fun gifts too. My mum knows I love pugs so she got me Doug the pugs book which is honestly the best thing and a pug cushion. I also got a popcorn machine from my auntie which was such a cool present and my mum got me some like ceramic cones and seasoning shakers to go with it which I love.

My boyfriend got me some cute presents too. He got me a zoella reed defuser, jack skellington pop vinyl figure and a photo frame. He always gets me presents I love so I knew I would love them. That’s all I got really!

I love Christmas and I love giving and getting gifts. Did you get any nice gifts for Christmas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

One thought on “Christmas gift haul

  1. With all them slippers and pyjamas you are set for a comfy year 😛 and an Alice in Wonderland dressing gown sounds amazing! I love Nightmare Before Christmas. My sister does to so I got her a NBC calendar to go in our room for Christmas 😀


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