Unapologetic me

Hi everyone! So I am currently writing this post at 11:58pm on a Monday  night, obvs the perfect time to overthink my life and decide to write a ranty blog post about it. This is how I like to see my blog sometimes, just as a space where I can vent even if nobody reads it. I do like to vent on twitter but as we all know there are not enough characters so a full on rant about something can take up like five tweets and honestly I can’t be bothered to do a full on thread about my life woes. However, I apologise for what probably feels like the millionth life/blogging rant post. Continue reading “Unapologetic me”

Let’s talk about Marvel

Hi everyone! So today’s post comes from two kinds of places. The first place was that although I have about four posts in my drafts, three of them didn’t seem right and the fourth is the start of a series I am wanting to launch but need to work on it before I do. The second place was that I had actually done a let’s talk about series on my old blog and I thought it would be cool to start it up on this blog. However, I want it to be more about my interests as opposed to non descript subjects that I had an opinion on. Continue reading “Let’s talk about Marvel”

Learning to be myself

Hi everyone! So today’s post is a little impromptu because today is one of my planned days but I just didn’t know what I wanted to post as I have a few drafts but I already planned for one to go up Friday and the others just didn’t seem to feel right. I also wanted to write this because I’ve seen a couple of posts about pressures of blogging and feeling inadequate as a smaller blogger which got me thinking and made me want to write this post so apologies if it’s a bit rambly.  Continue reading “Learning to be myself”

The peach chic hot or not

Hi everyone! So I’m trying something new over here on over peach chic and that is the peach chic hot or not. I got this idea from Hannah Gale as she does her HG weekly charts every Friday and I just love them so I thought I would do something similar with my hot or not. Plus I used to love that bit in magazines.

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2017 will be my year

Hi everyone! So I know I’ve written a post about my goals for 2017 and a post for the new year but I was quite inspired to write this post. I was actually going to write a post about my f**k budget but I want to read the book before I do it and I had read a few of these kinds of posts so I thought this would be more appropriate for the time being.

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