My 2017 goals

Hi everyone! So it’s two days before the new year and I wanted to set myself some goals for the new year. I don’t like having new year resolutions because I feel like there is more pressure as it’s something you have to stick to and could break rather than achieve or not.

I think if you don’t achieve something completely you’ll at least be on your way to it but with a resolution it’s something you have to do and if you break it then it’s a bit of a failure. I decided I wanted to set myself three main goals rather than a lot of small goals.

1. Be more active on social media – This is a big goal for me because I have failed so much at this this year. I used to be quite active, particularly with twitter and twitter chats but I went through a blogging slump and just lost all motivation for social media along side it. I also want to be more active with instagram because I love it but I never have anything to post. I also want to get better at scheduling tweets because again this was something I got into but just let it slip.

2. Be more active – So I know the most typical New Years resolution is to start going to the gym. The thing with people setting themselves this resolution is that they’ve probably never been to the gym and will go everyday of the week for a month and then never go again. However, I have actually been going to the gym since august but I haven’t been going as much in the last couple of months and I want to get back into it in the new year. I actually froze my membership over Christmas so I wasn’t spending as much on a membership I wouldn’t be using.

3. Do what makes me happy – So this is a particularly open goal because I don’t really know what I want to do once I graduate and I have many options and they may not all pan out so I didn’t want to make them a goal in case they just didn’t work out. This gives me a bit more flexibility. Also, people tend to do things that might not always make them happy and I just want to do more of what makes me happy. A kind of sub goal within this is that I want to read more because I haven’t read as much as I used to over the last few months (like everything).

These are my goals for 2017! I’m excited for the year and can’t wait to see what it brings. What are your goals for 2017? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

One thought on “My 2017 goals

  1. I’m with you on being more active on social media! I tend to go through spits and spurts with Twitter etc and I really want to change that. Happy new year and good luck with your goals!
    Liane x


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