My favourite things about Christmas 

Hi everyone! So it is two days before Christmas so I decided I would talk about the things I love about Christmas.

Christmas food – I mean who doesn’t love Christmas food!! I love Christmas dinner more than anything at Christmas. We actually get two Christmas dinners because all of my family come round on Christmas Day so we have a small one on Boxing Day!

Starbucks festive drinks – You know when it’s nearly Christmas when you see festive drinks in coffee shops. I’ve always loved Starbucks drinks particularly fudge hot chocolate this year!

Michael Bublé Christmas album – I love this Christmas album than all Christmas music ever. It always makes me feel really Christmassy.

Gifts – I love giving and receiving gifts. I always get excited about giving other people gifts because I like to think I am an amazing gift giver haha. I also love seeing people’s faces when I get them something great.

Christmas night – I love that moment when everyone has left after Christmas dinner and I can get in my new pjs and watch films and have hot chocolate with my mum and sister. It’s one of the best parts of Christmas.

That’s what I love about Christmas! What are you favourite things about Christmas? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Abbie. X

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